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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Ever hear of Google Base?

Launched in November, Google Base is yet another beta program. It's an online place for users to post online and offline content in many topics including blogs, people's profiles, jobs, housing, recipes, tickets, and more. So what's the difference? Google lets users post the content, including pictures and then users assign attributes to the posting to make it easier to search. So for example, if someone is looking for a new home. They would assign attributes like single-family, garage, Fairfax, brick, etc.

Check it out.

Podcast off to a slow start

While 25% of online consumers say they're interested in podcasts, only 1% listens to them on a regular bases. And only 2% of households have even sampled them. This is according to a new study by Forrester Research.

Sprint and Luxor make a deal

Sprint and Luxor Hotels in Las Vegas have made a deal. Sprint will send mobile coupons to Luxor guests.

As mobile phones continue to grow as a major marketing tool, experts caution marketers that consumers could soon view mobile ads as an intrusion.